Working on JOOMLA 3

The first tasks to the new JOOMLA 3 version will now be prepared. The Arrange2Drive carpooling component will be entirely tested in the new JOOMLA release and adapted if necessary. Important news & updates, like the mobile device integration, will be posted here!

Linkgenerator - Arrange2Drive add on

A new Arrange2Drive JOOMLA add on component, the Linkgenerator, is available now. The Linkgenerator is useful for automatic and predefined inscribing of lifts for example to all types of events or predefined happenings. If your Arrange2Drive carpooling / ride sharing service is open to all users, you can offer this Linkgenerator to your partner sites, to enable predefined inscribing of lifts from these third party sites.

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New function "Post own lift on Facebook"

A new function "Post own lift on facebook" is now available in the Arrange2Drive component.

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Stop development for JOOMLA 1.5

The development of Arrange2Drive carpooling component for JOOMLA 1.5 is now stopped, but can still be purchased. The development and the support for JOOMLA 2.5 and 3 will of course be guaranteed.