NEW Universal Linkgenerator

A new Arrange2Drive JOOMLA component, the Universal Linkgenerator, is available now. The Universal Linkgenerator is useful for automatic and predefined inscribing of lifts for example to all types of occasions and predefined happenings. If your Arrange2Drive carpooling service is open to all users, you can offer this Linkgenerator to your partner sites, to enable predefined inscribing of lifts from these third party sites.

Example to the Universal Linkgenerator:

You, as a operator of an Arrange2Drive carpooling service, have a partnership with a third party publisher of contents, like a company, newspaper, magazine or a promoter. With the Universal Linkgenerator the admin of your partner site can generate links to submit lifts and publish them on their web sites. While an user is clicking on such a generated link, he will be redirected to the "Add a lift" mask on your Arrange2Drive carpooling site. Now the "Add a lift" mask will be automatically prefilled with the correct data like the fixed destination or the fixed departure, the type of the lift and the name of the occasion. So the end users can easyli submit lifts without limits, prefilled and fast!

What the Universal Linkgenerator does:

  • Generates automatically links:
  • Predefined and fixed departure or
  • predefined and fixed destination for
  • single offered rides
  • regular offered rides
  • single searched rides
  • regular searched rides

The Linkgenerator is highly recommended to:

  • Companies and corporations
  • Promoters to all types of events
  • Publisher of events like
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Newssites
  • Administration web sites of cities, towns and muncipal

Universal - Linkgenerator Live-Demo

Event - Linkgenerator Live-Demo