About Arrange2Drive - Carpooling Software 4 Joomla!

vorstellung-arrange2driveThe basic idea of the carpool component for Joomla! was developed by Lukas Chrzanowski - Vogel in case of his Bachelor-Thesis (2011) at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier at the Faculty of Environmental Planning/Enviromnental Technology at the Birkenfeld Campus in the course "Media and Computer Science". The title of this Thesis was "Creation and Evaluation of an Agency for Arranged Lifts for the Rural Area as a Joomla Based Component".

The main aim of that software component is to improve the mobility in the rural area and complement the deficient public transport. Especially the commuter traffic should be better organized in this area. Furthermore a positive contribution for the environmental protection can be reached. Finally we must not forget, that the users of a carpooling service can save a lot of money in times of high fuel costs.