NEW Global Settings (date & map)

NEW Global Settings for the date and the map are available now by default in the Arrange2Drive component. With this two major improvements it is now possible to set the date format individually. Furthermore it is possible to center the map on the region, where the carpooling service will be used.

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New price configurator available

A new price configurator is built in by default in the Arrange2Drive JOOMLA component! With the new price setting options it is now possible to create an own and individual "select" price list for each currency.

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NEW "A2D Custom View Module"

The new and first JOOMLA module as an add on for the Arrange2Drive component, the Arrange2Drive Custom View Module, is available now! With this module it is possible to show

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NEW Universal Linkgenerator

A new Arrange2Drive JOOMLA component, the Universal Linkgenerator, is available now. The Universal Linkgenerator is useful for automatic and predefined inscribing of lifts for example to all types of occasions and predefined happenings. If your Arrange2Drive carpooling service is open to all users, you can offer this Linkgenerator to your partner sites, to enable predefined inscribing of lifts from these third party sites.

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