NEW release - Arrange2Drive 3.3.2

Finally we present Arrange2Drive 3.3.2! With this release we introduce the Custom Fields feature in Arrange2Drive.

Arrange2Drive 3.3.2 - What is new?

General changes

In Arrange2Drive 3.3.2 we are announcing the Custom Fields (individual input fields) and the Community Builder integration. This new version is the next step in the Arrange2Drive evolution with a bunch of new features and improved old and ones. Some upcoming features in near future will be a booking system for charging fees and a user rating system.

Demo version of the latest release

  1. Statistics - basic statistics to show in the usage of your A2D component
  2. Entering only possible trips - correct land routes
    • the distance can't be 0
  3. a2dBs.css file -> migration to Bootstrap 3.2.0
  4. DriveAlert option in back-end
  5. Improved search algorithm - faster search
  6. Replaced jQuery UI buttons with Bootstrap buttons
  7. Added mysql update tables
  8. Custom Fields
    • Add your own fields to your carpooling service, e.g. Nationality or Luggage
  9. Community Builder integration
    • Integrated with profile pages and profile edit
  10. Focus on click a place button - focuses the input field of the place input
  11. Contact details option improved - shows contact form to not registered users only when it is allowed by the admin
  12. Linkgenerator compatibility with A2D 3.3.2 and Custom Fields
  13. a2dBehave JS file add on - managing UI behavior

What is new in the front-end:

  • Custom Fields - fully editable select lists
    • Now it's possible to create own and individual fields
    • Fully editable
    • Shown in add mask, detail site and editing site

Screenshot Custom Fields front-end:


  • Community Builder integration
    • Link to the CB profile
    • Link to manage user profile
    • Custom fields for telephone and gender
  • Arrange2Drive is now fully bootstrapped and more mobile friendly than before
    • Since Arrange2Drive 3.3.2 we use Bootstrap in version 3.2
    • It's possible to modify the colours of the buttons in the Arrange2Drive back-end
    • test it with your mobile devices here: Demo version of the latest release



What is new in the back-end:

  • Custom Fields tab under Configuration menu item
    • Managing your custom fields with several options
    • Multi language ready
  • Bootstrap Layout tab under Layout menu item
    • Managing the Bootstrap button colours

Updated Arrange2Drive extensions

All extensions, Custom View Module, Linkgenerator and the CO2 Emission Module were updated and extended.

Documentation 3.3.2

General installation and configuration information