NEW release - Arrange2Drive 3.3.1

Finally we present the next step of the Arrange2Drive evolution. In Arrange2Drive 3.3.1 some important changes were done! Take a look on the most important changes.

Arrange2Drive 3.3.1 - What is new?

General changes

Here also a lot of core improvements were done. This new version is the next step to a bunch of new features in near future like a booking system for charging fees, a user rating system, individual input fields and the CommunityBuilder integration. It is also more mobile ready than before.

Demo version of the latest release

  • Bootstrap ready
  • new back-end options and features
  • Arrange2Drive is now in the Joomla! Extensions Directory
  • All extensions were updated to the latest Arrange2Drive version and functionality

What is new in the front-end:


What is new in the back-end:

  • New options were added:
    • Main Logo: here you can easily choose the main logo of your service
    • Facebook Logo: here you can easily choose your individual Facebook share logo
    • Bootstrap: here you can decide, if you want to include the bootstrap framework
  • Other options moved from display to country settings:
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Map Zoom

Updated Arrange2Drive extensions

All extensions, Custom View Module, Linkgenerator and the CO2 Emission Module were updated and extended.

Documentation 3.3.1

General installation and configuration information