NEW - Arrange2Drive 3.1 & Jomsocial

From now on is Arrange2Drive in the version 3.1 available. Some major features were added. What is new?

In Arrange2Drive 3.1 are new:

In the front end:

  1. Gender-specific options - While entering a ride the user chooses first her/his gender and afterwards the gender with whom she/he wants to travel with. Here are three options available:
    1. Gender doesn’t matter
    2. Only women
    3. Only men
  2. On the detail sites now the saved fuel in litres and money are displayed for each way
  3. Jomsocial integration - From now on is Arrange2Drive, the carpool and ride share component, connected to Jomsocial! Here the data like telephone number and the gender can be automatically loaded from the Jomsocial profiles. Furthermore the detail sites are linked automatically to the author of the entry with the Jomsocial profiles

In the back end:

  1. Settings for the gender-specific options
  2. Settings for the protocol, choose http or https for extern libraries
  3. Added average fuel price field for the automatic calculation of saved money
  4. Jomsocial options and integration settings, two additional text fields for the custom profile fields, telephone and gender
  5. Settings for contact information. Here now can be choosen if not logged in / not registered users are able to see the contact information on the detail sites
  6. Map zoom option to zoom individually above a region
  7. Show overlay option for sharing after adding a ride