Arrange2Drive 3.3.0 - BETA release

Arrange2Drive 3.3.0 is now released as BETA version.

Arrange2Drive demo version:

General changes

A lot of core improvements were done. This new version is the entry point to a lot of new features in near future like a booking system for charging fees, a user rating system and individual input fields.

  • Improved jQuery management
  • New back-end options and features
  • One installation package for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x
  • UI improvements
  • Easy customization

What is new in the front-end:

  • Vehicle type and free seats changer
    • now for each vehicle a vehicle specific list of free seats will be shown, e.g. for a bus 50 and for a car 4 free seats (customizable in the back-end)
  • Arrange2Drive user profiles
    • picture upload
    • extended profile settings (telephone, gender, profile preferences)
  • While offering a trip both ways (there and back) now the returning trip will be offered separately (only for single trips)
  • Monetize your site with three advertisement positions. Now you can add easily ads to the Arrange2Drive sites, available on
    • overview sites
    • detail sites
    • overlay after adding a trip
  • New time picker, not a select list, but a clickable time picker. better for mobile devices
  • Extended overview features for registered users
    • copy a trip straight out of the overview site
    • delete a trip straight out of the overview site
  • Improved place input without an intermediate step for direct place selection

What is new in the back-end:

  • Vehicle type configurator, now the admin can decide, which and how much vehicles should be offered in the front-end
    • multi language ready, a language tag can be added to each vehicle
  • Easy CSS and colour management, now you can customize very easy the colour scheme of Arrange2Drive
    • CSS colour editor
    • separate CSS field for your custom CSS styles (if needed), will include your code in the main Arrange2Drive CSS file
  • Individualized date format
    • you can choose some presets or set your own date format for jQuery and PHP
  • Individualized date range for the date picker
    • now you can choose a date range from 1 to 24 months
  • Back-end sub menu was added